let the journey begin..............

Image and video hosting by TinyPicI just want to tell you a little about me. I am married 3 jack russells,  a  laughing white dove, and 2 rabbits. 2 children one of each. Both are married. My family is
every thing to me.  I have 3 brothers, a sweet mother in law and a brother in law and family. I
love them all and their families. When I paid for this website I was so thrill I was going to sell
items on here. But when I started doing it, it didn't turn out that way. Instead I started doing
all kinds of different things. It is a family site. There might be a couple of things depending on
age if they should see them. I have been traveling on this site now this is my second year. You
might think I haven't changed it as you seen that picture before. Well if I don't change it I have
added more to it. I really don't know what inspired me to do this site this way. But I will say I
hope you enjoy it as much as I do doing it. Here is a picture of my family taken this year in Aug.
2009. Yes you see a little one there sitting on his poppy's lap. That is my grandson, my pride and joy.
     Well I do think this website helps me to give me some of my freedom of speech. I am also going
to have me a family site on here. I have a page if you want me to decorate it for any occasion just
so people will know such as your birthday, you want it to your husband, mom, dad or whoever. Just
let me know what occasion it is what the person likes color etc. I am not very creative but I try and
I really enjoy doing this. I have also started my own league on the site www.pogo.com. My league
is growing and I love hosting. Would like to have you join in for some fun. My addy for my league is:  www.myleague.com/aspogoturns     We play a variety of games chat and laugh, we really have
fun. I think I have told you enough about myself, so now I would like for you to start looking at my
site. Please sign my guest book. You may also join my site and you will get email every time something has been changed on it. If you would like to email me, you may email me to:
woowoopalooza.com@yahoo. Please feel free. As it will tell you on next page, let the journey begin.


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